Get Connected
with the GWM ORA App

Pairing your ORA 03 to the GWM ORA app allows you to access a whole host of great features that enhances your ownership experience.

From the app you can pre-heat or cool your vehicle, access locks and windows, check the car’s status and set personal preferences and display settings.

Get the GWM ORA App

First things first, you’ll need to download the ‘GWM ORA’ app from your phones app store. Once you have this downloaded, you’ll need to create an account. There are just four simple steps to follow:

1. Download the app

Search ‘GWM ORA’ in your phone’s app store.

2. Create an account

Enter your email in the app to create an account.

3. Get verification code

The app will send a verification code to the email you entered.

4. Set your password

Create a password and the app is ready to use.

GWM ORA Funky Cat App

Log in to your ORA 03 via the infotainment display

The next step is to use your login details that you’ve just created to login in to your ORA 03 via the ‘my account’ setting on your home page.

Infotainment system icon

1. Main Menu

Click the icon with 4 squares on the right hand side of the screen.

GWM ORA infotainment screen my account

2. Select ‘My account’

Click the head and shoulders to navigate to the account screen.

Infotainment login screen

3. Login to the car

Enter the login details you used to register in the app.


Bind your ORA 03 to the app

The next step is to actually bind your vehicle to the app. For this you’ll need to be sat in your ORA 03 and have the app open.

The first stage is done in the app by following these simple steps:

GWM ORA app My Account

1. My Account

From the account screen click ‘My Vehicles’.

GWM ORA App bind button

2. Select ‘bind vehicle’

Click the button marked ‘Bind Vehicle’ to begin.


3. Enter your name and VIN

Input your first and last name and the vehicle VIN number and click send.

ORA Funky Cat VIN placement

Where’s my VIN?

The car’s unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) can be found at the entrace to the rear passenger door on the drivers side of the car.


All you need to do now is connect the App to your car.

This is done by getting a verification code from the Infotainment system and entering it into the app.

GWM ORA infotainment swipe

1. Navigate to Message Center

Swipe from right to left on the infotainment screen, starting from your icon column and select the envelope icon.

Infotainment System messages

2. Open your message

You should have a new message containing your verification code.


2. Enter code in the app

Enter this verification code in your GWM ORA app and click submit.

Almost there!

GWM ORA App activate telemetics

To complete the binding process, there is just one more thing to do which is activate your telematics services. This is a very simple process and only takes the click of one button.

The telematics services allow access to things like Internet radio, real-time weather, satellite navigation and advanced ‘Hello ORA’ features.

Job done!

You’re all set and now ready to enjoy the benefits of the GWM ORA app which unlocks greater functionality for your vehicle. For additional enquires or if you have any questions please email our customer support team at or visit your local retailer.