June 14, 2023

GWM ORA UK appoints SLM Group in Norwich

  • SLM Norwich opens its brand new GWM ORA showroom to the public for the first time on June 14th
  • GWM ORA will be the first all-electric brand sold from the Norwich site, starting with the brand’s first model: ORA Funky Cat First Edition
  • GWM ORA now has a total of 29 customer service points across the UK, including both sales and aftersales only sites

Today, GWM ORA UK announces SLM Norwich as its ninth official sales and service centre in the UK. This latest appointment is part of GWM ORA’s wider network growth strategy, with plans to achieve around 20 sales and service sites by the end of 2023. Already, the brand has 29 sales and aftersales only sites in place since launching late last year.

Started in 1960, SLM Group have a long history of selling cars and providing great customer service across its sites, which now totals 12; operating across East Sussex, Kent and East Anglia.

The GWM ORA brand will only be available at the Norwich site initially, with scope for expansion into additional SLM sites as the brand grows its operations across the UK. For now, GWM ORA has just one model on sale, the ORA Funky Cat First Edition, but additional model variants are set to launch later this year, with an exciting new premium saloon model planned for launch around Q1 2024.

The GWM ORA brand has very ambitious plans in the UK and one of our key focus areas this year is ensuring we have the right infrastructure in place to create a solid foundation for future brand expansion. With new models on the horizon and a growing product portfolio, retailers like SLM will play a vital role in ensuring we can deliver the right level of customer service as the GWM ORA brand grows in the UK.

Toby Marshall, Managing Director, GWM ORA UK

We are delighted to welcome the GWM ORA brand to our retail site in Norwich. As a business, we understand the importance of offering exciting new sustainable brands to our customers across East Anglia and we’re certain that GWM ORA’s highly specified ORA Funky Cat, with its unique personality and premium fit and finish, is a winning formula. We look forward to working with GWM ORA as it grows its operations in the UK.

Jason Barlow, Group Director, SLM

The GWM ORA showroom is located at Delft Way, Norwich and boasts a 3,000 sqft floor space with 2 brand new ORA Funky Cat demonstrators which will be offered to customers for short term and longer 24hr test drives.

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