August 3, 2023

GWM ORA UK continues to scale its operations with two new retailers

GWM ORA UK appoints two more Retail partners as the brand continues to scale its operations in the UK

  • GWM ORA UK retailer appointments continue at full pace, with Holdcroft and Citygate as the latest partners to go live
  • The GWM ORA now has 32 points of representation across the UK
  • The brand aims to accelerate retailer growth in-line with customer demand, which has seen a boost over the summer

GWM ORA UK has seen a boost in sales over the summer as the brand continues to scale its operations across the UK. With highly competitive lease rates, a growing portfolio of retail partners and new variants of ORA Funky Cat set to launch soon, the brand is making good progress with its market launch plans.

GWM ORA’s retailer network is currently made up of 32 points of representation, including both sales and aftersales sites. The brand is on track to achieve a minimum of 20 full sales sites by the end of the year, which will support the launch of additional models in 2023 and beyond.

Holdcroft and Citygate are the latest retail groups to go live, with Holdcroft Group opening its first sales site in Crewe as well as an aftersales site in Stoke-on-Trent. Citygate Group has already gone live with its first site in High Wycombe, currently GWM ORA’s closest to the Country’s capital, London.

“We are super excited at Holdcroft to be a part of this special journey with GWM ORA and the promising future with the all-electric model range that is with us and upcoming. Our team are trained and ready to share this strong new EV offering with our Cheshire and Staffordshire customers. We believe that GWM Ora offers an alternative premium for our customer and in comparison to what is already available in the marketplace.”

Luke Regan, GWM ORA Franchise Director, Holdcroft
GWM ORA Team Holdcroft Crewe

“GWM ORA is a really exciting new brand to launch into the UK market, offering fantastic levels of specification in its products as well as a premium look and feel. We are confident that our customers will love experiencing ORA Funky Cat First Edition and can’t wait to welcome them to our new showroom.”

Simon Mclaughlin, Managing Director, Citygate Automotive
GWM ORA team Citygate High Wycombe

Holdcroft Group has been established since 1966, starting with just one used car showroom in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. Since then, the brand has grown its operations adding more sites and taking on multiple brands into its portfolio, including Volvo, Hyundai, Nissan, MG and more.

Citygate Group, which was founded in 2006 has grown exponentially in the past decade, adding numerous locations to its network as well as brands. GWM ORA is the latest brand to be added to its portfolio which already includes Volkswagen, Skoda, Cupra, Seat and Kia. The group now has 20 retail locations spread across North West London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Berkshire.

“With so much exciting news and activity on the horizon for the GWM ORA brand, it’s important that we accelerate our recruitment of retailer partners to help support our operations and commercial targets in the UK. As our latest retailer appointments, Holdcroft and Citygate will offer customers fantastic levels of customer service and a friendly and welcoming space to explore the GWM ORA brand.”

Toby Marshall, Managing Director, GWM ORA UK

GWM ORA UK has just launched highly competitive Personal (PCH) and Business (BCH) leasing rates for its launch model, ORA Funky Cat First Edition. Business customers will be able to drive away in this exciting new electric car from just £199* per month, with retail customer leasing available from £239**. This makes ORA Funky Cat one of the best value ‘family sized’ BEV’s currently available in the UK leasing market.

*BCH Rental at £199 + VAT, initial Payment of £1,791 + VAT. Annual Mileage 5,000 per annum, over 48 months, non-maintained and excess mileage charge at 9.4 pence per mile

**Rental at £239 with Initial Payment of £2,151. Annual Mileage 5,000 per annum, over 48 months, non-maintained and excess mileage charge at 11.28 pence per mile

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