May 27, 2022

Introducing: ORA Funky Cat First Edition

Details about price and production specification in this article, published 27/05/2022, may differ from launch specification. Please see here for up to date details.

GWM ORA will launch into the UK market in Autumn 2022 with the ORA Funky Cat First Edition

  • GWM ORA announces ‘Funky Cat’ as the name for its first UK model
  • The ORA Funky Cat First Edition will start from £30,495 after PiCG
  • Additional trim levels to launch from 2023
  • ORA Funky Cat First Edition is expected to be on sale in Autumn, with customer deliveries to follow soon after
  • GWM ORA UK will launch a ‘Queue Jump’ scheme in June 

ORA UK announces pricing and specification details for its highly anticipated ORA Funky Cat model, which will enter the UK market later this year as a ‘First Edition’ series. This announcement comes after the brand’s highly successful, first ever UK public debut at Fully Charged Live in April.

Already, ORA UK has taken over 6,000 registrations of interest for the ORA Funky Cat, with sales planned to commence in Autumn this year. Customers can expect first deliveries to take place shortly after. 

In the lead up to launch later this year, ORA UK are working to establish a nationwide network of retailers that will scale up as the brand grows. While there will be a big focus on physical retailers, ORA products will also be available to purchase through the ‘ORA Online’ sales platform, which is planned to launch in August. This hybrid approach will provide the ideal blend of physical and digital space to satisfy a broad range of customer requirements. 

ORA Funky Cat rear

“We are really excited to launch the ORA Funky Cat into the UK market. This exciting new EV will set the precedent for the brand, offering customers a premium, technology led experience with a completely unique look and feel.”

Toby Marshall, Sales and Marketing Director, ORA UK

“The UK is a key launch market for the GWM ORA brand and I look forward to launching our first product, the ORA Funky Cat, later this year. As a new disruptive EV brand, we will offer customers high quality products, with a unique design that will bring a fresh new look to European streets.”

Mr. Yao Fei,  Vice President, Great Wall Motors


As a very highly specified launch vehicle, the ORA Funky Cat First Edition will start with a competitive price of £30,495 (after PiCG), available with a 48kWh battery offering a WLTP range of 193 miles. 

To offer complete peace of mind, the vehicle will be backed by a very comprehensive 5-year vehicle, unlimited mileage warranty with cover on the battery for 8-years or 100,000 miles. Service intervals are in-line with best-in-class competitors, scheduled every 2 years or 18,000 miles, whichever comes first. 

The vehicle will come equipped with a very high standard specification, including: Adaptive Cruise Control, 360 Degree Cameras, Reversing Camera, LED Headlights and 18” Alloy Wheels. Customers will also benefit from integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as wireless phone charging and electric front seats. In addition, the vehicle features comprehensive charging capability with Type 2, 6.6kW single-phase AC and 11kW three-phase AC charging as standard. ORA Funky Cat First Edition will also feature a maximum of 80kW DC rapid charging and come equipped with a CCS socket as standard. 

Based on 15% – 80% charge status, 6.6kW home charging will take users around 5 – 6 hours. This time is cut drastically when moving up to 11kW on-street charging, which takes around 3 – 4 hours. Additionally, 80kW rapid charging will take around 40 minutes. 

ORA Funky Cat charging

The ORA Funky Cat First Edition will be available in a choice of four colour variations, informed by the ORA community in a poll earlier this year. As standard, the vehicle will be presented with a Nebula green exterior paint finish and a black interior, customers can also opt for a Starry black exterior paint. Additionally, Mars red (red & grey interior) and Aurora green (green & grey interior) variations will be available at launch and feature a black or white contrasting roof.

ORA Funky Cat First Edition red side shot

In-line with comparable market competitors, ORA Funky Cat First Edition will offer a competitive WLTP range of 193 miles delivered by a 48kWh battery. This configuration was chosen for the launch offering with a ‘best of both worlds’ approach in mind – providing customers with good range, at an accessible price point. 

Customers wishing to express their interest in ORA Funky Cat can register via the GWM ORA UK website.

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